Do black republicans lack basic intelligence?

At first glance, it may seem to an observer that when it
comes to a correlation between black politics and intelligence, W.E.B’s
talented tenth are certainly riding the big elephant of the party of Lincoln.
After all, they seem to be ubiquitous in the upper echelons of the media world.
You can’t turn to a mainstream network and not find a black face proclaiming a
profound disdain for fellow lazy blacks while proudly welcoming the GOP’s
message of hard work and entrepreneurship. The problem is, that observer would
be wrong. Black republicans have made one critical mistake that, in more ways
than one, calls into question their ability to rationally think. If you engage
anyone of them into an argument over racism against Blacks, the first thing
they do is to immediately redirect the conversation from “Blacks” to “horrible
blacks” or “bad Blacks” by focusing squarely on the same racist propaganda techniques
that most racist whites have been using to justify chattel slavery, Jim Crow
laws, and the overall subjugation of the African race; blacks are lazy and lead
a destructive lifestyle. By now, these propaganda claims often sound cliché to
many Blacks. The problem with that approach is that it’s not only pure racist
propaganda but it had also never been supported by any empirical evidence,
statistics or credible scientific research. Blacks are no more likely to be bad
parents than whites are, in fact, some of the strictest parents in the US tend
to be minorities. Furthermore, Black youths are no more likely to be more
mischievous than white youths; as a Criminal Justice student in the nineties, I
often came across sociological research findings that even showed that white
teenagers often engage in more serious and deadlier behavior, but law
enforcement agencies, annual FBI statistics show, mostly target minority
neighborhoods which then result in a higher proportion of black teens being
arrested for less serious behavior. For instance, even though whites make up
more than 80% of all drug users, they account for less than 50% of those
arrested for drug use.

So, why do black republicans think that Blacks lead more
criminal lifestyles than Whites? The answer is simple; they simply lack the
basic intelligence needed to grasp nuanced concepts. Moreover, there is a school
of thought that blames black self-hate on such failure to give one’s own kind
the benefit of the doubt, particularly when there are so many examples of systemic
racism and the powerful role it plays in precluding upward mobility for
minorities in the US. An interesting example is an undercover investigation
conducted by the ABC network that had shown that most white employers would
rather hire an unqualified ex-con white male before they would hire a qualified
law-abiding black male citizen. Ubiquitous signs of systemic racism permeate
everywhere from law enforcement biased policing tactics, the private sector,
banking institutions, to even governmental agencies as thousands of black
farmers found out the hard way when they applied for business loans at the
department of Agriculture. The agency had finally admitted to have
discriminated against them for decades last year and settled a long running
lawsuit in favor of the black farmers. So why would anyone, let alone a black
person, ignore such obvious piles upon piles of racism perpetuated against Blacks
and instead try their best to redirect the focus to “bad Blacks’ whenever they
are confronted with claims of racism against Blacks? Again, the answer is
simple; they have simply bought into the propaganda techniques used by racist
whites for the past four centuries to justify whites’ subjugation of Blacks. Hence,
Whites, both good and bad, have always been reticent to address the issue of
racism and discrimination against Blacks and minorities for fear of being
forced to admit wrongdoing and to also share their comfortable dominant
position and monopoly on the resources. It is certainly true that an effective
and UNIFED black denunciation of racism would certainly have a big impact on the
privileged lifestyle of Whites. The Jews, by relentlessly presenting a UNIFIED
rebuke of anti-Semitism, have been able to take control of their own lives in
all possible aspects. Thus, there is no question that if all Blacks UNITE
and denounce racism the way the Jews have done it, they will certainly see
meaningful progress toward racial equality and upward mobility, which would, in
turn, potentially bridge many gaps. As things stand right now, it’s not just
young college black male graduates who are being discriminated against because
of racist practices in the job sector, but black entrepreneurs, as the case of
the black farmers have shown, are having an hellish time getting loans and
other pertinent resources to start their own businesses  due to racism as well. Hence, a UNIFIED
black denunciation of racism would certainly aid in the effort for upward
mobility. There is no doubt that most racist whites understand the potential
ramification of a UNIFIED black voice against racism, and it must scare the living
daylights out of them. In a way, their reticence to address racism is almost
understandable, however what does account for a black person’s deceptive use of
propaganda tactics to take the attention away from racism and to redirect it to
“bad Blacks” (drug dealers, bad parenting, etc) when these racist claims are
not supported by any sociological statistics and in light of so many ubiquitous
signs of systemic racism? Is it lack of basic intelligence? Self-hate? Or a
combination of the two?


OBama Has Killed Osama Bin Laden

By Socrate Simeon

Now that Obama has achieved what the Bush administration
couldn’t do in eight years by killing Osama Bin Laden, will the Republicans
finally give him some credit? Although Republicans often claim that security of
the US is their biggest political asset and strength, somehow Obama has managed
to be a more capable president when it comes to defense. The war in Iraq was
always seen as a big distraction that kept the previous administration from
concentrating a full concerted effort in the search and hunt for Osama bin
laden. Upon assuming office, Obama had, from day one, always targeted specific targets
in the war on terror that usually involved drone missile strikes mostly in the
border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it seemed like it was just a
matter of time before they would hit the biggest target. How will the Republicans,
Fox Network, Wall Street Journal, etc react to what certainly seems as a big
victory for a president whom they spent so many resources vilifying and demonizing.
And on the democratic side, will the democrats finally be able to rebuke the
republicans’ claims that they are the ones with a monopoly on defending the

Socrate Simeon