Martelly conspired with others to remove Haiti’s constitutional safeguards to suit Mr. Rouzier’s American resident status

They used the Diaspora as a bait once again to suit their malevolent schemes for Haiti. While the public chatter on the new amendments centered solely on the Diaspora’s rights, Martelly & Co had an even more sinister trick up their sleeves. They were busy trying to come up with the exact constitutional language that would make Mr. Rouzier eligible for the PM post. The pertinent question for all Haitians now is; why did they feel the need to remove the five year residency requirement for the post of Prime Minister as it was clearly stipulated in the 1987 constitution, and replace the clause with “ Etre Fiscalement domicilié en Haiti “?  Basically, all you have to do is simply pay your ‘DGI’, and you are eligible to become Prime Minister now, irrespective of your ‘real’ residency status as it is succinctly defined for the other posts, including the presidency. And why would the post of PM have a less stringent standard than the lower post of deputy with regard to residency requirement? Was this all done just to legally soften things up for MR. Rouzier? If that’s the case, Martelly & his outside conspirators have been undermining the country’s constitutional safeguards simply to suit their geo-political goals for the poor island. Now isn’t that just a shame?

Ar ticle 157 of the 1987 constitution

To be appointed Prime Minister, a person must:

1. Be a native-born Haitian, and never have renounced Haitian nationality;

2. Have attained thirty (30) years of age;

3. Enjoy civil and political rights and never have been sentenced to death, personal restraint or penal servitude or the loss of civil rights;

4. Own real property in Haiti and practice a profession there;

5. Have resided in the county for five (5) consecutive years;

6. Have been relieved of his responsibilities if he has been handling public funds.


And Now the Amended 2011 version

Article 172,

To be eligible for the post of Minister ,

One must be Haitian,

Must not be a citizen of another country at the time of nomination

“Be fiscally domiciled in Haiti”

Own a property or holding a profession in Haiti

Be at least 30 years of age

Enjoy his or her civil and political rights and never having been convicted of a serious crime

have been relieved of his responsibilities if he has been handling public funds.


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  1. Hello Thediasporajournal,
    Cool Post, Can anyone please tell of any websites where I can download haitian music. I’ve been looking for albums by Alan Clave, Michel Martelly, Zin, King Posse…just to name a few. Mesi anpil (thank you).
    Kindest Regards


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