Daniel Gérard Rouzier is another mistake by Martelly.

Rouzier’s father may have been an old Duvalierist who served in Duvalier’s cabinet, but it’s his dangerous economic ideologies that should alarm most Haitians. If Rouzier gets his way, Haiti will engage in the same devastating neoliberal economic policies that have already wrecked havoc in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Brazil, the only Latin American country that didn’t experience widespread poverty and skyrocketing urban crimes from the implementation of neoliberal economics starting back in the 1960s was Chile, and even then, the jobs that were produced in Chile lacked necessary social services & labor protection.

The no tariffs on imports that Rouzier has been advocating will further exacerbate Haiti’s stunted economic growth by allowing foreign imports to undermine Haiti’s own agricultural and industrial development. Every country tries to protect its own industry and development through various protectionist trade legislations, at least until its market is ready to compete freely in the global market. Haitian Politicians still refuse to protect the country’s wealth and develop its resources; agricultural & otherwise, and to stop the ‘racialized’ oligarchs within the country from funneling hundreds of millions of dollars abroad. When will these Haitian politicians confront the ravenous racialized oligarchs and foreign elite in Haiti and finally look out for the interests of all Haitians as opposed to just a few families hailing mostly from Germany, France, and Lebanon, Syria? Wouldn’t you think that the recent earthquake and its devastation would have at least created some type of sympathy, however small, in the heart of the blood-sucking ‘racialized’ elite?


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  1. Posted by Bernard on August 20, 2011 at 12:58 pm

    I think you are just speculating. Because his father was a duvalerist doesn’t mean he is too. You must inform more about the South Amercan contries. Brezil is now an economical power, part of the G13.

    you just give an opinion. you raise up an unfair opinion that people can see your heart. I am a black guy, I am not for martelly, but you just repeat after those who are racists. You must inform about what the first imperialist constitution of 1805 said about that racial topic.


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