OBama Has Killed Osama Bin Laden

By Socrate Simeon

Now that Obama has achieved what the Bush administration
couldn’t do in eight years by killing Osama Bin Laden, will the Republicans
finally give him some credit? Although Republicans often claim that security of
the US is their biggest political asset and strength, somehow Obama has managed
to be a more capable president when it comes to defense. The war in Iraq was
always seen as a big distraction that kept the previous administration from
concentrating a full concerted effort in the search and hunt for Osama bin
laden. Upon assuming office, Obama had, from day one, always targeted specific targets
in the war on terror that usually involved drone missile strikes mostly in the
border regions between Pakistan and Afghanistan, it seemed like it was just a
matter of time before they would hit the biggest target. How will the Republicans,
Fox Network, Wall Street Journal, etc react to what certainly seems as a big
victory for a president whom they spent so many resources vilifying and demonizing.
And on the democratic side, will the democrats finally be able to rebuke the
republicans’ claims that they are the ones with a monopoly on defending the

Socrate Simeon


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